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With extensive experience, we have been at the forefront of point of sale for our partners since 2004. We see our customers as partners and not as brands. We work closely with you to make the best decisions that allow you to successfully generate new leads and sales. Perfectly coordinated audition processes and the employment of in-house developed software and online tools are the result of our continual further development – our vision is today’s reality. We are proud to offer our services to a broad, diverse spectrum of industries with renowned companies and we look forward to assisting you in an advisory capacity in the future. Our partners not only share the same goals as us, but above all, a friendly partnership with the greatest possible commitment on our part. 

We are the professionals at POS – even virtually

Personalised video advice on your website for the perfect shopping experience. Bring your customers into the online world and allow them to benefit from personalised shopping advice. Our PoSLive service makes this possible.

We are proud of our partners

Launch your career with PRofiFLITZER

Our vision is today’s reality. Perfectly organised audition processes as well as the use of helpful online tools are the result of our successful development work. We have set ourselves the goal to become Germany’s best PoS service provider. We are very proud to offer our services to an extensive clientele of renowned companies and to win over more and more customers with our services than ever before.

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