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The challenge: As a leading manufacturer of professional optical and digital products, Olympus Germany had specific needs in the areas of permanent and campaign promotions, personnel provision and training as well as merchandising and rounding. The objective was to increase sales of Olympus cameras and accessories.

“Our brand is important to us. Looking after it involves optimum presence at POS and a close relationship with our customers. With the help of PRofiFLITZER, only trained and highly-motivated specialist personnel are deployed at POS. This means the best support for our customers and satisfaction among market leaders.“ – Mr. Akihiko Murata, Olympus Deutschland GmbH

The solution: Permanent and campaign promotions, personnel provision and rounding are implemented using various measures.

Key data

  • Customer: Olympus Deutschland GmbH
  • Projects: Sales promotion, merchandising, training
  • Retailers: MediaMarkt, Saturn
  • Country: Germany
  • Time period: since 2009


  • Provision of promotion personnel in specialist electronics stores in the context of campaign promotions
  • Coordination of promotion includes coordinating markets and sales force
  • Conducting campaign-related surveys and drafting of management reports
  • Assignment of training staff for nationwide MSH employee training courses
  • Coordination and appointment scheduling
  • Provision of rounding and merchandising personnel for MSH in order to carry out nationwide POS checks for goods and competition analysis
  • Planning and implementation of reports via mySurvey Analyzer
  • Acceptance of product order requests
  • Announcement of Olympus campaigns in stores and distribution of POS material


  • Significant increase in sales and turnover in stores
  • Optimisation of brand image among store employees
  • Improvement of store development, also in smaller stores
  • Presentation of new products

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