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Sales rethought: New Sales Force

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We think of your sales in a new and holistic way. In addition to traditional field sales teams, we also include community managers, omni channel managers and shared sales forces. Our focus is always on the optimal marketing of your products and brand as well as unique shopping experiences for your target group. With our concepts for your sales, we merge analog shopping in stationary retail with digital shopping. Personal contact at touchpoints relevant to the target group remains the most effective means of implementing image- and sales-promoting measures at a staff-supported level, even in the digital age.

Our Sales Force are trained and experienced managers who bring their knowledge to the employees in the markets and ensure targeted support there. With us you receive representative, sales-oriented personnel at short notice and flexibly for the reliable execution of your measures. We provide qualified and highly motivated personnel for you throughout Germany and Europe. Always suitable for your brand and target group.


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Community Manager

Our Community Managers are your ear to the customer, providing you with the latest information on a regular basis so you can respond quickly to any situation. As experienced technical consultants, they leverage their accumulated knowledge and insights for your brand in the field very close to employees in the retail market.

In addition to tasks such as visual merchandising and specialized trainings on your products, our Community Managers build networks of store employees in their respective regions. This way, your brand is always at the top of the priority list in terms of sales and presentation in any retail store. The Community Manager’s job is complex and requires a high level of communication, experience and reliability, as they are the interface between your product range and any retailers’ employees.

New Sales Force for Microsoft

New Sales Force for IT customers

Omni Channel Manager

Omni Channel stands for a strategy that aims to connect all sales channels and merge them into a seamless shopping experience. Our Omni Channel Managers are largely responsible for our promoter teams in stores and online.

In summary, the job of Omni Channel Manager is very exciting for our partners, because in the short term it not only takes care of sales, but also ensures that customers receive better service in the medium term. Accordingly, our Omni Channel Managers are committed not only to a solid ROI, but also high ROX. As the central link between the in-store and online worlds, our Omni Channel Managers play a key role in your project. They are the all-rounder in your field sales team and always focus on ensuring merchandise and brand presentation as well as sales support in retail stores and web stores.

Shared Sales Force

Where the profitability of an own sales force does not justify the investment, we offer our partners the possibility to participate in a shared sales force, which fulfills all tasks of a sales force for your brand.

A shared sales force works for several brands in the same retail channel in parallel and can thus also represent your product range optimally. When selecting and compiling the sales force, we naturally ensure that there are no conflicts of interest and guarantee that your sales line-up is presented professionally and in line with the market.

Shared Sales Force

Classic Sales Force

Classic Sales Force

Your sales force is to retailers what sales promotion is to consumers: A reliable contact person for all topics related to your brand. Whether sell-in, marketing arrangements or organizing training. Your Sales Force will be the first point of contact for all questions at store level. From sales staff to store management.

For this reason, it is important that your sales force has keen analytical minds in addition to negotiation skills and powers of persuasion in order to advance your products and services across the board based on KPIs and intuition.

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