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Our extensive experience in working with a wide variety of partners has taught us one thing: your sales are constantly improving! It is precisely for this reason that we have decided to share our expertise and extensive experience and to pass it on to our customers as an added value. This approach enables us to develop individual yet tried and tested strategies for you.

Even in this digital age, personal contact with touchpoints relevant to the target group remains the most effective means of implementing image and sales-promoting measures at a personnel-supported level. We will provide you with flexible, representative, sales-oriented staff at short notice for the reliable implementation of your measures. In doing so, we are redefining sales, not just as a sales position, but as a community manager, market manager or omni-channel manager. No matter whether in permanent employment, on a freelance basis or within the framework of temporary employment – we provide qualified and highly motivated personnel for you throughout Germany. Always suitable for your brand and target group.

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Community Manager

Our community is your connection to the customer, providing you with the latest information on a regular basis so you can respond quickly to any situation. As experienced consultants, they bring their collective knowledge and insights for your brand in the field very close to employees in the retail market. In addition to tasks such as visual merchandising and specialised training on your products, our community managers build networks of store employees in their respective regions so that your brand is always at the top of store employee’s priority list in terms of sales and presentation. The Community Manager’s area of responsibility is multi-faceted and requires a high level of communication, experience and reliability, as they are the interface between your product range and the retail market and its employees.

New Sales Force for Microsoft

New Sales Force for IT Customers

Omni Channel Manager

Omni Channel stands for a strategy that aims to connect all sales channels and merge them into a seamless shopping experience. Our Omni Channel Managers are largely responsible for the product consultants in stores and online. In summary, the position of online manager is very exciting for our customers, because in the short term it not only ensures sales, but also ensures that consumers receive excellent service in the medium term. Accordingly, our omni-channel managers are committed not only to a very good ROI, but also to a high ROX share. As the central link between the in-store and online world, our omni-channel managers play a key role in your project – they are the all-rounders in your field service team and always focus on ensuring the presentation of goods and brands as well as on sales support in retail outlets and web shops.

Shared Sales Force

Where the returns of a dedicated sales force do not justify the investment, we offer our partners the opportunity to participate in a shared sales force that can perform all the tasks of a sales force for your brand. A shared sales force works in parallel for several brands in the same retail channel and can therefore also represent your range. When selecting and assembling the sales force, we of course ensure that there are no conflicts of interest and guarantee that your sales line will be implemented professionally and in line with market requirements.

Shared Sales Force

Classic Sales Force

Classic Sales Force

Your sales force for retail markets represents what a specialist promotion is for end consumers: a reliable contact for all topics related to your brand. Whether sell-in, marketing agreements or the organisation of training courses, your sales force will be the first point of contact for all questions at store level – from the salesperson to the branch manager. For this reason, it is important that your sales force, in addition to negotiating skills and persuasiveness, also has a high level of analytical skills in order to promote your products and services across the board on the basis of KPIs and intuition.

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Our vision is today’s reality. The result of our successful development work is perfectly organised audition processes, as well as the employment of helpful online tools. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming Germany’s best PoS service provider. We are very proud to offer our services to an extensive clientele of renowned companies and to win over more and more customers than ever before.

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