Sales Promotion

Promotions are an efficient and strategically important component in every marketing and sales mix. Leave nothing to chance: we create tangible brand experiences for your customers – and, thanks to software-based campaign analysis, measurable sales success for your product.

Online video consulting

Your window to the point of sale: bring your products into your customers living room. Our professional online consultants offer your clientele individual advice on all aspects of products that require intensive consultation. PoSLive provides you with a digital, effective and measurable tool.

Sales Force News

Better advice for success. Our extensive experience in working with a wide variety of partners has taught us one thing: your sales are constantly improving! It is precisely for this reason that we have decided to share our expertise and extensive experience and to pass it on to our customers as an added value.

Retail Marketing

Systematic product and brand management. With our services for your retail marketing, we plan and control all sales-activating measures for your products in retail. This includes shelf and product maintenance, merchandise presentation and optimisation of sales areas, including set-up and remodelling.


The high fluctuation of current products, markets, strategies and target groups makes professional training essential for successful sales and marketing measures. We provide you with suitable and comprehensive support. All training measures have one very important parameter in common for us: they are tried and tested!


We are professionals in developing and implementing efficient and effective POS campaigns together with you or on your behalf, as well as optimising existing concepts. On this basis, we analyse your specific market segment and suggest target-orientated concepts for POS.

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We offer our partners services on all channels – online as well as stationary – around the point of sale. Since our founding in 2004, we have enabled manufacturers and retailers to have high-quality staff and develop effective reporting solutions. We want to move the world forward and work with great people. Everyone in our team has the ambition to present our customers and partners with solutions of the highest quality and to stand by their side for the long term. Today, our vision is reality: perfectly organised casting processes as well as the use of innovative online tools are the result of our successful development work. We pursue omnichannel strategies and combine the analogue and digital worlds to create a fascinating experience for every customer. With our services, we are revolutionising retail and taking it to a new dimension.

We have the goal to become the best PoS service provider and to be the leading provider of video consulting services in Europe with our professional PoSLive offer. Shape the future of retail with us.

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We live and love omni-channel

We see the combination of online and offline worlds as the perfect way to support customers in their journey through product worlds. Omni-channel thrives on a variety of coordinated measures which aim to provide customers with the best possible supporting during the information process. This approach is at the heart of all of our services.

We are professional

The presentation of a brand by external personnel at the POS means a challenge for every (personnel) service provider, which can only be met with professional methods. Our mission is to provide our partners with the best staff for their individual projects. Employees who understand our concept, who live our philosophy and who enjoy coming to work every day.

We are internationally positioned

Our personnel pool comprises over 22,000 specialists in the Germany-Austria-Switzerland region with agencies in Berlin, Vienna and Zurich. Our standardised 5-step personnel selection program yields the best results that you can rely on. After all, you are entrusting us with your brand.

We are effective

Our customers generate additional sales with our measures. Our measures are tailor-made and adapted to our customers. Only through this individual approach can we be effective for our customers.

We are reliable

We are here for you. Especially, but not only, when things start to ignite. This means: We don’t wait until things start spreading like wildfire, but rather stand reliably by your side from the very beginning.

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Our vision is today’s reality. The result of our successful development work is perfectly organised audition processes, as well as the employment of helpful online tools. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming Germany’s best PoS service provider. We are very proud to offer our services to an extensive clientele of renowned companies and to win over more and more customers than ever before.

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