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Your sales are our business. Personnel-supported measures for sales and brand promotion – in short: promotions – are an efficient and strategically important component in every marketing and sales mix. Leave nothing to chance: we create tangible brand experiences for your customers – and, thanks to software-based campaign analysis, measurable sales successes for your product or service. When developing promotion concepts for our partners, our credo is “No Such Thing as Can’t”, because promotion knows no obstacles: Whether indoor or outdoor, on sales floors or in public spaces, online or offline – we develop the best strategy for you so that your brand can shine in the perfect light. We can rely on a large network of promoters throughout Europe to implement nationwide promotion concepts. With our targeted promotions, we improve the visibility of your brand, ensure a positive impact on your brand image and demonstrably increase sales and turnover.

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Sales Promotion

Point of sale marketing plays a key role in promotional activities. With a sales promotion tailored to your needs and qualified brand ambassadors, you can reach loyal as well as new customers. Our goal is not only to drive the sale itself, but also to use motivated promoters and effective measures to increase the awareness of your brand, to bind customers to your company in the long term and, on top of that, to create a real sales experience. Regardless of the type of promotion chosen, success stands and falls with the quality of the personnel, which we carefully select and extensively train.

Promotion for Fjällräven

Online video consulting

Offer your target group competent, personal and professional product advice when shopping online. This is how you give your brand a face online and at any time. The advantage for consumers here is enormous, because the advice is personalized and takes place from the comfort of their sofa at home. Not only can our digital consultants significantly increase the reach of your sales promotion, they can also unlock additional cross-selling and upselling opportunities that are otherwise difficult to achieve online. We have developed flexible tools that allow digital sales promoters to manage multiple webshops in parallel. In addition to increased reach, this also improves the efficiency of your digital sales efforts.

Sampling and tasting

Convince with taste! In order to convince customers all around of your product, it is advisable to create personal, first impressions of the offered goods. Thus, personnel-supported measures in the area of sampling and tasting prove to be an efficient and strategically important component in any marketing and sales mix. While shopping, most people are relaxed, detached and open to trying new things: This is exactly the right moment to get into the conversation with an effective sampling and tasting promotion. We create tangible brand experiences for your clientele – and thanks to software-based campaign analysis, measurable sales successes for your product.

Sampling and tasting for Karlsberg

Event promotion for "Just Dance

Event promotion

We bring your brand to where your (potential) customers are: Events such as city festivals, festivals, Christmas markets, etc. are for many a place where good mood, anticipation and lots of fun are brought. People who test new products at events also always associate this brand experience with the positive experience of the event, which can have a lasting effect. We advise you with creative ideas for your perfect event promotion. Whether it’s a cooking show, a club event or a hands-on activity – we have an extensive network of professional presenters who can effectively place your product with the audience and make you memorable to your clientele.

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Our goal is to become the best point of sale promotion agency in Europe. We are very proud to offer our portfolio to a diversified customer base of well-known brands. We also want to convince you of PRofiFLITZER. Write to us!