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Training is a process that helps to change, optimise or expand knowledge, characteristics and skills. The high fluctuation of current products, markets, strategies and target groups makes professional training essential for successful sales and marketing measures. We provide you with suitable and comprehensive support. All training measures have one very important parameter in common for us: they are tried and tested! We are happy to pass on our knowledge and our extensive experience to you.

In addition to the usual kick-off training for specialist consultants and merchandisers, our specialists for training and further education also organise special training courses for retailers. Training sessions with our self-developed training solution PoSLive are particularly effective and oriented towards the challenges of the digital age. At our in-house studio, we can produce a variety of training content and make it available to a wide audience (1:Many) or create effective training for individuals (1:1). Interactive live surveys complete our range of PoSLive training courses. This platform is easy to use for trainers and facilitators, as well as for participants. 

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Sales training

Sales training serves to pass on basic knowledge for successful communication with customers. The focus of such training is product sales and all aspects of a convincing sales pitch. Consumers’ needs and how to meet them form an important part of this. Our sales training courses are based on the fundamental phases of customer contact – in addition to passing on knowledge, in particular, practical orientation is a fundamental component of this. There are different target groups for sales training depending on the area of work: seminars for retail, sales team and sales force.

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Live streams and webinars for IT customers

Live streams and webinars

Take training on your products and services to the next level by combining in-depth online tutorials with live engagement. With our online training solutions, we can provide retail channels and end customers with in-depth knowledge about your products and how to use them in everyday life. With audience-appropriate communication and processing of your content, as well as high production quality, we transform your product training into online events for up to 1,000 participants. At our in-house PoSLive studio, we create high-quality training content that can be streamed on the platform online. Personal online sales consultants for your clientele expand the PoSLive range and provide our partners with a full service.


With our eLearning platform, we ensure that your partners are always optimally trained and informed. We create and publish courses and seminars tailored to the respective audience, which can be accessed by store staff online at any time. In this way, you are always on the safe side that all parties involved are up-to-date with the latest information. By combining content modules and attaching short chapters with various questions, we create bite-sized portions of information that your partners will find engaging, entertaining, and most importantly, meaningful. In this way, we ensure that the introduction to your products is first-class and also translates into increased sales.

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Our vision is today’s reality. The result of our successful development work is perfectly organised audition processes, as well as the employment of helpful online tools. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming Germany’s best PoS service provider. We are very proud to offer our services to an extensive clientele of renowned companies and to win over more and more customers than ever before.

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