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We offer fully-customised analysis representations and tools. Why? Because every one of our partners is unique – and we’re not just saying it. Even within a company, different teams need different perspectives on information. PRofiFLITZER BI stands for dashboards that are tailored to your needs. Choose the premium package to analyse your data and get a comprehensive overview of all operations, markets, sales and specialist consultants. Using different dashboards, you can record and compare all data on your operations at any time level by level. Investments can be tracked, audited and deployed in a targeted manner. When working with the data you provide, all data protection and data security requirements will be met. If required, we can develop a customised data warehouse in order to make your data readily available to each actor from a wide variety of sources in the future.

You get full information transparency through the analysis of markets, sales and personnel performance, inventory data, and much more. This allows you to make decisions based on statistically-based facts and play it safe at all times, since all KPIs can be verified on your customised BI dashboard.

We and our partners have years of experience, knowledge and figures. Analysing this data is one side – making reliable forecasts for the future based on figures is the other. We analyse historical data extensively and use state-of-the-art AI technology and computational models to forecast developments. This collaboration with artificial intelligence and external teams means valuable insight into figures and trends for our partners – a level of expertise that puts us ahead of other competitors. In all aspects, the protection of your data is of the utmost importance. All processes are executed in compliance with GDPR.

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mySales Pro

The success of a sales campaign in retail is usually measured using sales figures. mySales pro AjX is a unique, innovative and powerful reporting tool that helps you to evaluate your campaign within a very short period of time. This allows you to analyse and compare sales figures from different perspectives with mySales pro.


Gain an insight into the conditions directly at POS – with photos taken on-site by our specialist consultants and subsequently presented clearly according to your criteria. The possibilities range from before/after photos for merchandising operations to competitive analysis or reviews of your presentation at POS (advertising material, wobblers, flyers). This provides you with an insightful and transparent overview of your current situation at point of sale.

mySurvey Analyzer

The online survey and information system mySurvey Analyzer enables our retail staff to investigate a wide variety of questions, whose answers can be viewed in aggregated form for you as well as exported from an overview. For example, at the click of a mouse, you can have answers to questions on the availability of goods or the market acceptance of your products. In addition, customer surveys can be carried out, as well as market share, pricing and competition analysis.


With myInventory you can get a perfect overview of the availability of your products at POS. Thanks to multi-layered filters and grouping options, you always have an overview and can make efficient adjustments. Visible stock and inventory levels of individual products, as well as various product groups, can be recorded and serve as an indicator for adjustments. myInventory can therefore also be used to independently monitor your sales force.


Maximum transparency and insight: With us, you can monitor all personnel and operational planning online! Our myMissions tool gives you simple answers to important questions about your campaign thanks to comprehensive viewing and filtering options. In this way, the head office and sales force always have an overview of the very latest, future and, of course, past operation data.

Have everything at a glance with our smart tools

Sales figures analysis

Evaluate your sales campaigns within a very short period of time. Use extensive analysis features and subsequently export the data to Excel.

Photographic documentation

Find out at any time what exactly is going on at point of sale. Visual control of product presentations, before/after comparisons, and much more.

Visitor/survey analysis

Whether customer surveys or market share, price or competition analysis – you get all the answers presented in a clear manner.

Operations overview

Track all personnel and operational planning online! For better transparency and insight. With the integrated features, you also receive up-to-date information.

Product availability

Here you get a precise overview of the quantities of your products available at POS – regardless of whether they are visible or in stock.

Training Solutions

With our own PoSLive Studio we can realise different training scenarios: Live Streams, 1:1, 1:Many and interactive Live Surveys.

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