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Online shopping has become part of everyday life for many customers. The advantages are obvious. Products are accessible at any time and from the comfort of your sofa. However, there is hardly any personal product advice online. However, many consumers want exactly that: to be advised individually and professionally. Given the huge selection of products in online stores, this desire is understandable.

Our agency has the solution exactly for this customer need. With our in-house software PosLive, we bring your brand into the living room of your target group. Our consulting staff is perfectly trained for online sales and can provide targeted advice to your clientele. Purchase transactions are thus ensured.

With our online video consulting service, we offer a consulting experience that is tailored to customer needs. Individual purchasing advice is particularly suitable for products that require a lot of consultation. Our PoSLive service guarantees fewer abandoned purchases because your customers are guided through the entire ordering process.

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Online video consulting for customers

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Promotion agency for the point of sale

Particularly advantageous for products requiring intensive consultation

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Online video consulting with PoSLive

Provide your target group with personal, professional and needs-oriented advice, even when shopping online. Learn more about PoSLive here or feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

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Our goal is to become the best point of sale promotion agency in Europe. We are very proud to offer our portfolio to a diversified customer base of well-known brands. We also want to convince you of PRofiFLITZER. Write to us!