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We are an owner-managed company in Berlin and operate as a recruitment agency at the point of sale. We offer you a company culture in which active participation is desired and work is enjoyable. We create space for personal development for our employees and place emphasis on continual motivation, support and encouragement so that you can grow into your new responsibilities in the best way possible and of course, that you also continue to grow. Diversity in the workplace is a top priority for us, since the vibrant city of Berlin fills every day with colour and is never monotonous. We have exciting projects and work with excellent partners from many different sectors, such as electronics, entertainment, cosmetics, home appliances, fashion and gaming. At PRofiFLITZER, naturally a top team of helpful colleagues awaits you. What are you waiting for? Join the PRofi team!

Case Study - Bauknecht Hausgeräte

Our team of excellent employees supports and advises our partners in various projects, ranging from staffing, consulting and marketing to the control and analysis of campaigns using software solutions developed in-house. Additional services, such as design concepts and the professional implementation thereof, as well as equipment storage and goods logistics, complete our portfolio. Here, everybody pulls together and motivates one another. We provide our services for our customers within diverse recruitment and contracting models – for permanent positions, temporary work or on a freelance/self-employed basis. There are many possibilities to becoming a team member at PRofiFLITZER. At the moment, we have a staffing pool of over 22,000 available employees – nevertheless, we are always interested in new team players.

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Sales promotion jobs

Sales promoters play a key role when it comes to marketing products. You are the friendly point of contact for customers and trained brand ambassadors. Passionate and with an open presence, you have an in-depth knowledge of the special features and unique selling points of the product and pass on your enthusiasm to consumers, thus enabling them to make a purchase decision. You are communicative and can explain the products on sale in a clear way, summarising all of the advantages. As a sales promoter, you have continual contact with the customer base and win them over with a mixture of eloquence and self-confidence. Together with other sales promoters, you will start off with our tried-and-tested training program which will provide you with all the knowledge you need to perform at a top level.

As a sales promoter you are…

  • open and actively approach customers with confidence
  • passionate about the product and provide consumers with a clear understanding of the product
  • communicative, friendly and competent at offering advice
  • reliable, flexible and team-oriented
  • highly success-orientated and are subsequently remunerated based on performance

    As a brand ambassador you are…

    • passionate about the product and provide consumers with a clear understanding of the product
    • communicative, friendly and competent at offering advice
    • reliable, flexible and team-oriented
    • permanently employed and you have a direct supervisor
    • responsible in the areas of sales, marketing and social media
    Case Study - Olympus

    Merchandising jobs

    As a merchandiser, you are responsible for the customer’s first impression of the product range. You deliver an appealing product presentation to the relevant retail outlets – the point of sale. This includes fully-stocked and properly-arranged shelves, as products cannot be bought if they are not available to the customer or are not in the right place on the shelf. Your area of responsibility also includes the optimum use of the sales and retail space, the reorganisation of product placement as well as seasonal reorganisation measures. You have a knack for creating a pleasant shopping atmosphere so that customers are happy to spend time in the shop and get inspired by the range.

    As a merchandiser you are…

    • creative and you can place products in an appealing way
    • open and communicative with a friendly manner
    • tidy and you have an eye for detail
    • reliable, flexible and team-oriented

    Omni-channel management jobs

    As an omni-channel manager, you will respond to the present-day demands in a variety of ways. You not only manage markets on site but you also oversee perfect product placement and stock in the individual trading companies. You interact with all sales colleagues in a contemporary way. On-site training and possible online sessions on our platform, PoSLive, are a part of your daily area of responsibility for the markets in your region. You are engaged online with social media profiles while on the move and reach an increasingly broad community in your region. Your expertise and know-how grows on both offline and online channels. You will be supplied by technology by us – meanwhile you will bring talent and enthusiasm for the job and these attributes will form the basis for your position as omni-channel manager. In this sense, you are a brand ambassador and a new sales force in one.

    As an omni-channel manager you are…

    • technically well-versed and comfortable using social media
    • communicative and empathetic
    • organised and always capable of reacting to change
    • open and you have a talent for passing on knowledge to others in a straightforward and summarised manner
    Case Study - Olympus

    Jobs for Training

    As an expert for training, you have developed your own specific focus and you design training models tailored individually to each customer. Our partners operate in many sectors and therefore require your unique expertise. You play an important role in helping us develop and present concepts to our partners. Motivation, sales or industry priority areas are often talked about. Ultimately, there must be a lasting effect on your target group which creates added value for our partners. Training can take place at PoS, in wider training forums or also online. Ideally, you feel at home in different environments. We look forward to meeting you.

    As a trainer, you are…

    • friendly and able to communicate complex content in a clear, understandable, straightforward and summarised manner
    • eager to learn and you design your own content for training and courses
    • organised and independent in your approach to work and the development of training measures
    • reliable and confident in your demeanour
    • technically well-versed and can also excel in managing online training

    Our guidelines

    Open communication and collaboration with our partners, with mutual recognition, are a prerequisite for new innovations. This applies among our employees just as it does when dealing with our customers.

    A fast and above all appropriate reaction to market changes is just as natural for us as our continual development. Scope to develop individual initiative and engagement in a collaborative working environment leads to an efficient, sustainable and stable organisation.

    Streamlined channels and transparent communication enable fast decisions to be made at our company. In combination with the in-depth knowledge and the extensive experience of our employees, we provide a top-quality service – and this is our benchmark!

    A job with PRofiFLITZERN’s pros

    Our employees work independently and therefore make their own decisions or discuss proposed solutions within their teams. We give them the tools and infrastructure to work efficiently and in a targeted way. Here, the perfect place to start is our paid work placements – some of our best employees came to us this way.