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Systematic product and brand management

In times of ubiquitous sensory overload, attention has become one of the most important key topics. Especially at the point of sale, it is important to arouse customers interest, to draw them in with an appealing brand message and product presentation, and to persuade them to make a purchase decision. With our services for your retail marketing, we plan and control all sales-activating measures for your products in retail. This includes the optimal use of the available retail and advertising space at POS, shelf and product maintenance as well as the appealing presentation of your product range. You benefit from increased visibility of your goods, improved presentation quality, and thus a greater turnover of goods. You have access to our inventory and quality controls, visit reports, deployment results, and customer surveys at all times.

Merchandisers specifically trained for your project ensure optimal sales areas as well as efficient rack jobbing and necessary product care according to our planning. From the shop window and advertising space to the product shelves and checkout area, there are a multitude of opportunities to control the customer journey at point of sale through visual incentives. Our data analysis systems help us to evaluate and optimise the implemented measures. Based on POS information such as photo analysis and visitor reports, we develop regular follow-up training courses in order to continuously improve results.

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Visual Merchandising

Our service enables you to create a new world of experience for your customers at point of sale and an optimal presentation of your products. In the field of visual merchandising, we plan and control all sales-activating measures: shelf and product maintenance, product presentation and the optimisation of sales areas, including set-up and conversion. With our fresh ideas and well thought-out concepts, we bring your brand’s USP into focus and take the customer journey into account with the aim of improving presentation quality and the associated increased turnover of goods. You have access to our inventory and quality controls, visit reports, deployment results, and customer surveys at all times.

Merchandising for Tchibo

Merchandising for Jewels by LEONARDO

Exclusive Showcase Merchandising

Especially in the jewellery industry, positive emotions are a constant companion. We buy jewellery in order to celebrate life and give it out of love, affection and friendship. When designing displays, our professional decorators focus on creating an emotional experience in order to showcase the appeal and high quality of your jewellery range in the most glamorous light to customers. Our visual concepts appeal to the senses of consumers. Making use of light and colour, our visual merchandisers create different ambiences and produce the perfect flair for purchase decisions.

Window dressing

First impressions are decisive and your eyes play an important role in purchase decisions. Store fronts are closest to the merchandise and, therefore, to the customer’s purchase decision. Our professional decorators let your product presentations shine in the right light and turn passers-by into customers. Whether it is a store window, shop-in-shop or special area – we work together with you to decide on the specifications for your decoration and, based on this, implement the tour planning and logistics on your behalf. Our live reports also give you an impression of the field during implementation.

Merchandising for Sony

Retail Marketing for Ubisoft

Rack jobbing

Well-maintained shelves encourage people to buy. The visibility and availability of your merchandise, as well as the range of sales-supporting materials at the point of sale, form the basis for successful sales. It is therefore important that product presentations always appear tidy and well-stocked, especially with rapidly-rotating products. Our highly trained rack jobbers will go on tour for you on a regular basis or as needed, and not only assist retail stores in stocking your product range, but also advise stores on reordering and other brand-specific processes.

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