Case Study



The challenge: As one of the biggest game publishers worldwide,  Ubisoft sought support with staff implementation and qualitative execution of its nationwide measures in the area of merchandising for its numerous products in the growth market of PC and video games.

The solution: As a brand ambassador for Ubisoft, a merchandising team looks after hundreds of retail partners nationwide and visits the branches according to defined visiting schedules. In addition to the realisation of block and special placements, merchandisers also assume responsibility for restocking, the distribution of advertising materials as well as the restructuring and expansion of the presentation space. Ubisoft also relies on solutions in other areas to implement the objectives.

Key data

  • Customer: Ubisoft GmbH
  • Projects: Merchandising for video games in specialist electronics stores
  • Retailers: MediaMarkt, Saturn
  • Country: Germany
  • Time period: since 2012


  • Merchandiser auditioning using the myClassroom online training system
  • Equipping of merchandisers with promotional wear and equipment
  • Route planning of the respective areas
  • Optimisation of service quality through regular refresher training and image rankings
  • Photos of the block placements as well as facing extensions via myImages
  • Surveys and POS data via mySurvey Analzyer
  • Drafting of management and quarterly reports


  • Better visibility of the Ubisoft brand and Ubisoft name
  • Optimisation of market presence in MSH
  • Improved communication with market contact persons
  • Reduction in merchandiser turnover

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