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We possess a keen instinct for coming trends and a clear approach to developments in retail. The dynamic development of brands and communication possibilities constantly requires new ways of dealing with consumers; first impressions are becoming more crucial, competent and personable advice is becoming increasingly important, and the presentation of an experience, as well as the ability to tell a story about the product, is becoming a stronger focus. We are specialists in this area and we stand for efficient and quantifiable measures which we adapt according to the relevant target group – and tailor to your needs.

As an intermediary between the end customer and the brand, we deem it our responsibility to identify with the products and to fully understand the target group.

Open communication and collaboration with our partners, with mutual recognition, are a prerequisite for new innovations. This applies among our employees just as it does when dealing with our partners. A fast and above all appropriate reaction to market changes is just as natural for us as our continual development. Streamlined channels and transparent communication enable fast decisions to be made at our company. In combination with the in-depth knowledge and the extensive experience of our employees, we provide a top-quality service – and this is our benchmark!

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We make online shopping an exciting experience

PoSLive is your window to the point of sale. Bring your products into your customers’ living room with online video advice, professionally and personally tailored for you.

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Our vision is today’s reality. Perfectly organised audition processes as well as the use of helpful online tools are the result of our successful development work. We have set ourselves the goal to become Germany’s best PoS service provider. We are very proud to offer our services to an extensive clientele of renowned companies and to win over more and more customers with our services than ever before.

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