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We are professionals in developing and implementing efficient and effective POS campaigns together with you or on your behalf, as well as optimising existing concepts. On this basis, we analyse your specific market segment and suggest target-orientated concepts for the point of sale.

Alongside sales targets, our experts always have positive brand communication in mind. With the aid of different creative techniques (brainstorming, mind mapping, role-play), we are committed to always coming up with extraordinary and unique ideas for the design of POS campaigns in combination with feasible implementation. We want to generate awareness and memorable moments. By doing so we naturally pay attention to the incorporation of relevant parameters and regular analysis in order to monitor and ensure the success of the campaign.

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Strategies for sales promotion

Permanent support at POS, temporary peak support or a mixture of both? What would you like? We will work together with you to develop the right market management strategy. We have extensive experience in this field. Your situation is unique but not uncharted territory for us. We will help you with your decisions or show you the right path that fits your goals and of course your budget. At the end of the day, we want to be judged on the success of every measure. We analyse successes as well as failures in order to be able to establish the optimum sales-orientated operation for you bit-by-bit and to establish a long-term relationship with you as one of our successful customers.

Sales promotion for BOSCH

Merchandising for Sony

Merchandising concepts

Your brand must shine in splendid light and be permanently visible to customers. The subsequently developed operations appear clear, yet they are often not sufficiently implemented. Brand cultivation is not a one-time thing, rather it is the permanent optimisation of placement in retail, online as well as offline. Offline, targeted team sizing helps us to bring your brand into its true light: tour planning, teams, visit cycles, necessary activities and communication on site, as well as reporting and evaluation of merchandising visits that have taken place are some of our core services that we are constantly optimising for our customers. If you don’t get an initial sense for the various adjustment mechanisms – we will be happy to help you out from the get-go and will sustainably put your brand in pole position in retail stores.

Strategies for sales forces

Ultimately, in terms of the sales force, it’s all about staffing structure, which increases the sales of your products with lasting effect. However, we will take a retrospective look before we work with you. We analyse the reasons for the lack of success thus far and the measures taken in the past and evaluate these: which sales channels have you used up until now and to what extent? How far are your previous target achievements from your actual targets? A detailed analysis of the current situation results in a recommended course of action for your future sales force. As a result, we compile a profile according to your individual situation in order to play an active role in your future success.

Sales Forces for Microsoft

Training concepts for IT customers

Training concepts

We have plenty of trainers and further development opportunities. At the beginning of the provision of training teams or at the beginning of the development of a training model, we ask ourselves many questions: What is the target? Who is the target? How were training targets tackled previously? Is the type of training still up-to-date and does it adequately reach your target group? We have hundreds of skilled trainers in our staffing pool from a range of sectors. However, especially with these multiplying personalities, it’s not about volume, rather it’s about the precise ‘handful’ of people who will provide your target group with new ways and solutions in order to make your products successful. The question is not whether we can construct a tailored model with trainer personalities appropriate for you, but rather whether our intuitive analysis responds to your challenges in the area of training. We have been working for many years now and have worked on over 100 training projects.

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Our vision is today’s reality. The result of our successful development work is perfectly organised audition processes, as well as the employment of helpful online tools. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming Germany’s best PoS service provider. We are very proud to offer our services to an extensive clientele of renowned companies and to win over more and more customers than ever before.

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