Case Study

Specialist Advice and Training


The challenge: Very well-educated and regularly-trained community and market managers should continuously ensure the Microsoft market growth, brand awareness and fan base. This should be implemented through controlled merchandising, training, sell-in and sell-through measures at selected Microsoft partners in physical retail. Microsoft is to be placed in a stronger and more visible position at POS in order to ensure optimum POS readiness. With this in mind, the sales personnel is continually educated and supported through repeated training on Microsoft products. Additional personnel should also promote sales through constant promotion with the main focus being on increasing sales.

The solution: In the entire Germany-Austria-Switzerland region, qualified personnel were initially selected in a careful recruitment process and given basic training as community and market managers as well as product advisors. Furthermore, the operational objectives were reviewed and the performance managed accordingly. In this way, POS readiness and the sales of Microsoft products in the market are comprehensively ensured. Regular consultations with Microsoft on business-relevant topics guarantee perfect coordination with the market managers and the control of events.

Additional services were provided in addition to the selection of personnel, extensive training, regular briefings and quality controls by the market/community managers and product advisors.

Key data

  • Customer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Projects: Management and development of the community/market managers and product advisors in the Germany-Austria-Switzerland region
  • Trade houses: Saturn, Media Markt, Notebooksbilliger, Gravis, Interdiscount, Fnac
  • Countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Time period: since 2018 Community/market managers and product advisors


  • Conduct of regular priority calls with the field sales teams
  • Monthly reports based on our tools: mySalesPro, myMissions , myImages
  • Personnel development
  • Control of events
  • Regular drafting of briefings and guidelines
  • Management of customer’s own reporting tools


  • Increase in sales in the Surface/Windows/Office/Xbox area
  • Assurance of POS readiness
  • Top performance in market presence and customer sales advice
  • Presentation of first-class standings and increase in the commitment of stores and their sellers to the Microsoft brand

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