Case Study

Specialist Advice and Training

Diverse IT Customers

The challenge: In order to support the sales of IT-based products, our current customers were looking for a solution to make the existing field sales and market training programs more efficient and accessible. Moreover, the roll-out of new shop-in-shop formats was to be accompanied by the new team. Thus, special emphasis was placed on the participation of store employees, brand-specific training courses and innovative formats for these training sessions.

The solution: Since 2021, we have been providing a new type of NEW sales force for several customers with a focus on omni-channel presence, which is entrusted with traditional field activities such as negotiating market agreements, implementing POS marketing measures and training store employees. In addition to these standard tasks, all team members are also responsible for holding site-independent, regional webinars for store employees and are also available for any questions outside their normal store visiting times on PoSLive.

Key data

  • Customers: diverse customers within the IT sector
  • Projects: development of omni-channel concepts
  • Trade houses: electronics retailers in Europe
  • Main countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Time period: since 2021


  • Conducting of regular store visits to agree on product presentations, updates to existing POS materials, software and training
  • Provision of our PoSLive platform to support training measures via livestreams & webinars and to expand existing training options
  • Monitoring of all team members’ market activities (agreements, POS information, etc.) via their own app


  • Better access to IT training content for store employees
  • Broader distribution and better commitment of store employees through webinars and training opportunities that are accessible at all times
  • Faster detection of and faster responses to market developments through improved data collection

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