Case Study

e-Learning and Website


The challenge: LEDVANCE GmbH required an overall concept for the launch of their brand and for an innovative introduction to their new SMART+ product line. In this context, a possibility was sought for decentralised training for the different retailers and employees of electrical and hardware stores. A multilingual knowledge database as an additional feature should complete the concept.

The solution: Based on product data sheets and technological information, eLearning modules were initially created, which, integrated into a specially-programmed website, function as an online academy. The store employees can access their individual eLearning content in a targeted and gradual manner using their personal log-in details. The overall progress of the online courses is presented in a comprehensible manner. In addition to explanations on individual LEDVANCE products, the employees are also taught general concepts and technology from the smart home range to guarantee a general understanding of how SMART+ works. A WIKI was also set up that is available at all times as a compendium for the products.

In parallel with the German version, localised versions of the online academy were developed for France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Key data

  • Customer: LEDVANCE GmbH
  • Projects: SMART+ eLearning, web development
  • Retailers: Hardware and electrical stores
  • Countries: Europe-wide
  • Time period: since 2019


  • Regular updates to FAQ entries with retailer enquiries
  • Website hosting on PRofiFLITZER servers
  • Support in integrating the online academy into retailer systems


  • Modern, innovative and comprehensible training courses for retailers and store employees
  • Continual support for store employees with updated information pages
  • Improvement of brand images among retailers and store employees as valid information channels
  • Sales promotion of the new product line by highly-trained retailers and store employees

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