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Omnichannel retail marketing offers excellent opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and boost customer loyalty in the long term. Omnichannel retail marketing aims at the intelligent integration of all online and offline marketing channels of a brand. Only with this holistic approach can companies obtain a unified view of their end customers. And they, in turn, experience a consistent brand experience across all channels. Through clever omnichannel retail marketing, customers experience a veritable ping-pong game between offline and online consulting. She is entitled to all conceivable consulting options – from a personal exchange in the store to video consulting from home. Video consulting is an innovative and very promising approach to omnichannel retail marketing. In the following article, we describe why it can be an important piece of the puzzle for many retailers in their own marketing mix and why it is continually gaining in importance.

Video is becoming increasingly important in marketing

Video has become an indispensable part of omnichannel retail marketing. Moving images are playing an increasingly important role, and not just in campaigns. No, many leading retailers are increasingly using the video channel in their advisory services. This means that video consulting is definitely one of the omnichannel retail trends in 2023.

Video consulting is becoming more and more important today, because it is important to reach your clientele everywhere. Since the smartphone is omnipresent, it is also the perfect tool for live online consulting. Top omnichannel retailers today already rely on personal live video consulting. These include the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and the fitness bike manufacturer Peloton. Especially products in need of explanation can be marketed even better with an individual video consultation than only with product videos, FAQs or testimonials. In the video consultation, the individual questions and requirements of the clientele can be addressed. If the clientele can voice their own concerns and feel reinforced that this (often high-priced) product meets their needs, they are much more likely to buy.

Today, people expect service and advice on all channels. It’s no longer enough just to provide them with information. If you want to be successful in omnichannel retail marketing, you have to offer a similar range online as offline.

In a video consultation potential buyers receive a service comparable to that in the store without having to leave their sofa at home. This is efficient, convenient, time-saving and environmentally friendly.

The fact is that video consulting is more than a “Corona replacement solution” that replaces personal contact. Skillfully implemented, it is an important piece of the puzzle for your own retail marketing.

Individual customer approach as the key to success

Nowadays, customers can store around the clock and also expect to receive advice at any time. However, the days of mass appeal and “one fits all” are over. Today, people want individualized care. This includes being able to specify the time slot for the desired delivery, having the choice between postal delivery and picking up the product yourself in the store, or being able to pick up the product in a stationary retail store via Click & Collect. These days, your clientele needs to be as comfortable and pleasant as possible at all touch points. An excellent customer experience is the be-all and end-all. This also includes being able to get all the important information from the living room. An omnichannel retail app from which video advice can be accessed is now an essential component for any top omnichannel retailer.

The advantages of video consulting for omnichannel retail marketing

If omnichannel retailers use the possibilities of online video consulting in addition to their existing offers, they benefit from numerous advantages.

The increased customer satisfaction

People who feel taken seriously and understood are happy to buy. Those who know that their needs and wishes are taken seriously are happy to reach out. This is especially true for expensive products that require explanation. Those who receive “quality time” from trained personnel in a 1:1 conversation will, in the best case, feel encouraged in their decision. With a video consultation, companies have the chance to dispel doubts and reinforce the decision of the clientele.

Studies from the financial sector show that only a few customers have made use of video consulting so far. However, those who have used it are very satisfied. With a 79% share of satisfied customers, video consulting even beats face-to-face consulting on site (61% satisfaction). Customer satisfaction with our in-house video consultation service PoSLive was rated at +90% on average. This value has already been carried through since mid-2020 and is now used by leading manufacturers via the web stores of Media Markt and Saturn.

Improved customer loyalty

Satisfied customers who have had a good shopping experience are happy to buy a second time. This makes video consulting an investment in the future. In addition, it is well known that it is more cost-effective to invest in existing customers than to keep on acquiring new ones. If you feel you are in good hands with a brand and are convinced of the product after a thorough consultation, you will gladly buy a second time. This makes video consulting in omnichannel retail marketing an important pillar for a sustainable and healthy customer relationship. In addition, it is very likely that a satisfied customer will rave about the video consultation and thus refer other customers to the company.

Privacy is preserved

Even though video chats have increased significantly in recent years due to the pandemic, many people today still find it a bit of a struggle to turn on their own camera on their laptop or smartphone. This is especially true when coming into contact with a stranger. But with video consulting, that doesn’t have to be the case at all. The customer is allowed to remain “invisible” during the consultation, does not have to turn on his/her camera and only sees the consultant.

Online consulting protects the environment

Whereas in the past you had to drive to the store several times to get the information and advice you want, today it is enough to contact an advisor from your living room and ask all your questions. This type of consultation is significantly more environmentally friendly and prevents multiple – sometimes unnecessary – trips by car.

Delivery options improve the customer experience

Top retailers that operate on both the offline and online levels simultaneously offer their clientele a choice of how they want to receive their product, in addition to the myriad of consultation options. You can buy it on site and take it with you, order it online via Click&Collect and pick it up at the desired location, or have it delivered to your door. The combination of different consulting and delivery options offers the customer an optimal shopping experience and gives every visitor the chance to take the most convenient route.

Intelligent management via omnichannel retail management software

Anyone who wants to use video consulting in omnichannel retail marketing today can do so with the help of omnichannel retail management software. Such software manages the product range and your campaigns across all channels – online as well as at the point of sale (POS) in the stationary retail store. In this way, all sales channels are seamlessly interlinked and ensure maximum profitability. Video consulting is certainly not only one of the hottest omnichannel retail trends, but has come to stay. It is the skilful dovetailing of the analog and digital worlds in retail marketing.

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Management Summary: Why Retailers Should Focus on Video Consultation as Part of Omnichannel Retail Marketing Strategy

The use of video consulting can be installed without much effort with the help of the PRofiFLITZER platform PoSLive. The technological infrastructure as well as the human resources for this are ready and waiting for your deployment.

The use of personal video consultation in marketing has numerous other advantages for retailers:

– Your customers feel taken seriously and respected.

– Customer satisfaction increases.

– The conversion rate on the website is significantly higher.

– More cross-sales are achieved.

– The average shopping cart value is increased.

– Video consulting is contactless, but personal.

– Video consulting is environmentally friendly, as unnecessary travel is avoided.

– The recommendation rate among customers is increasing.

– Customer loyalty is strengthened.

– The probability of a second purchase increases.

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Author: Ron Draudt



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