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Conditions in the retail sector are often very different from those in other sales channels. Personal support and advice are at the forefront of our efforts to close a sale. If a company relies on experienced and well-trained sales staff as well as promotion at the point of sale, it can increase its sales considerably. That’s why the right retail sales strategies play such an important role.

Passionate sales professionals thus not only manage to guarantee excellent service on the spot, but also close significantly more sales. Therefore, it pays to rely on good care and a lot of experience.

8+1 tips for retail sales staff

If you want to sell better, you should follow successful and proven retail sales strategies. These range from the initial greeting to the successful and targeted closing of the sale. At its best, this is a holistic sales process that provides customers with a pleasant shopping experience.

But successful selling is also about objection handling and needs analysis, because every customer has individual requirements. That is why it is important to determine the personality type of the potential buyer at the very beginning. This allows for the most individual approach possible. The DISG model, which we will present in detail at the end, has proven particularly useful here.

1. shopping experiences begin with the greeting

The right greeting is often a key factor in creating a positive first impression. First of all, make sure you have direct eye contact and an open body posture. In this way, you signal in advance that you are willing to help. A friendly greeting and clear pronunciation are further positive aspects of the first impression. In fact, the first few seconds often determine whether the subsequent conversation can be concluded successfully or not.

2. at the point of sale it is always important to demonstrate good humor

Customers notice when you’re bored or in a bad mood. Therefore, it is always necessary to convince with friendliness and good humor. However, this must not appear posed, but must come across naturally. If you are under stress, this is a good place to take a short break and switch off. It’s equally important to always have a smile on your face and not let little things upset you.

3. customers are the focus of all sales strategies

An old saying goes: The customer is king. This is especially true in retail sales strategies that involve face-to-face contact. Therefore, always show your counterpart the necessary appreciation so that they feel comfortable at all times. Also address questions, problems, and concerns, formulating clear and easy-to-understand responses. You may be an expert on the product, but your counterpart probably isn’t.

4. respond to customer needs

In the first conversation, you also find out incidentally what people’s needs are. It may well be that a concrete idea of the desired product already exists. Equally, however, your professional advice may be needed to make a purchasing decision. So try to find out in a direct conversation what ideas your customers have and what exactly they are looking for.

5. present the product in an honest way

Good product presentation is often the proverbial be-all and end-all of all retail sales strategies. If there are several alternatives, you can of course provide them for selection. You must be familiar with all the product features so that there are no misunderstandings about what to expect. In view of this, honesty is also one of the most important commandments, because effusive praise of the product usually comes across as inauthentic.

6. always link the price with the benefit

While product features are often not easy to see, the price is very simple. If you are asked about the price, then you should not hesitate or evade. After all, that only creates a false impression. It’s much better to answer this question with an open mind and also relate the benefit to the customer’s need. The product costs this price, but in return it exactly fulfills the previously identified needs.

7. initiate a successful purchase in a targeted manner

When all decision-making factors are known, customers can ultimately make an informed purchase decision. It is not uncommon for a change of mind to take place, which could stand in the way of a purchase. Try to close the deal by using sales signals such as a nod of the head or listing all the benefits as well as the services.

8. retail sales strategies must not be intrusive

Despite all the strategies and active approach, you must not be too pushy in consultative retail. Sometimes people like to look around a little. So you should not take a curt answer as a general rejection. Rather, it represents an opportunity to remain ready in case questions do arise later while browsing or a need for consultation arises.

Bonus tip: Using the DISG model in a targeted way

This model divides people into four categories that can help you in the sales process. The dominant type makes quick decisions and appears self-confident, but he might also challenge you in a sales talk. The initiative type, on the other hand, wants to be persuaded through compassion and joint problem solving. A steady type likes to rely on the familiar and the old, while the conscientious type likes to rely on data and facts. So if you manage to identify the personality type, you can target the advice and arguments to your counterpart.

Conclusion: With the right sales strategies to higher sales in the retail trade

Retail sales strategies increase service and boost sales. The focus is on good support from experienced sales staff who, with the help of the right tips, manage to close sales more frequently. This in no way diminishes the customer experience, but actually enhances it through consultative service.

As experts for modern omni-channel strategies, we also comprehensively cover all aspects in retail or point of sale. Our experienced promoters will help you raise awareness of brands and products through targeted sales promotion. We also combine our services with the digital world and can offer your customers both professional online video consulting and field-tested sales training.

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Author: Ron Draudt