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Case Study

Event promotion

OBI World-Handymen’s-Day

The challenge: In order to implement the OBI World Handymen’s Day as part of OBI Project Weeks, the number 1 in the DIY market sector in Germany defined two main goals: In addition to optimising the perception of the OBI brand as a competent DIY project partner, the focus was also on target group-effective advertising for the core topics of the project magazine within the event program.

The solution: By providing short-term representative staff, they were able to reliably meet all requirements for efficient operational planning, management and control of several hundred moderators, walking acts and support personnel for the promotion event. To ensure qualitative implementation on the day, all moderators underwent extensive online training and training material was made available for the walking acts and accompanying persons. In addition, further measures ensured the effective achievement of OBI goals at all times.

Key data

  • Customer: OBI GmbH & Co. Deutschland KG
  • Projects: OBI World-Handymen’s-Day
  • Trading Houses: over 100 OBI Branches nationwide
  • Country: Germany
  • Time period: 09/09/2017


  • Comprehensive quality control via myMissions
  • Provision of all event technology for moderation
  • Review of operational goals with mySurvey Analyzer
  • Active consulting for OBI and the sales force


  • Strengthening the OBI brand as a competent DIY project partner
  • Raising awareness of current issues in the OBI project magazine
  • Positive perception of the promotion by visitors.
  • Very good event evaluation by OBI branches

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