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In February 2020, we took over the coordination and management of window dressing for Müller’s stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The project includes 23 decorating passes for perfumery and 11 decorating passes for assortment per year, in a cycle of every 2-3 weeks, approx. 500 store visits per pass, additional decorating services in the store. And a total of about 12,000 annual store visits by decorators.

Project goals PRofiFLITZER

Our project goals are to optimize display window areas to encourage customers to buy, create optimized area concepts, increase utilization of display window areas, improve decoration quality at the point of sale, create transparent processes through digitization and standardization, and achieve an overall cost reduction for Müller.

Window dressing for Müller: control and coordination

  • Our main service is to coordinate and control the exchange of information between millers, industry and decorating companies. A very important ancillary service is also the settlement of deco fees between the three parties.
  • Furthermore, we control decorating companies, carry out random quality control, check operation targets. We also assist with seasonal store decorations, such as coordinating interior Christmas decorations, and help steer Müller’s back-to-school campaigns in their store windows.
  • We train in person at the Müller premises in Ulm. Also conduct our annual meetings there and give our final presentation of results there.
  • In the area of reporting, we have adapted and refreshed our management report with the new KPIs sales ratio, delivery ratio, goods availability ratio and decoration space availability ratio.

The results of our project are visible window decorations for the Müller store, and an increase in sales through exciting product presentation. In March 2022, we were able to extend our great cooperation with our partner Müller for another 3 years. We are very much looking forward to more exciting decoration projects.


[1] Cover picture: Profiflitzer GmbH