Case Study

Image Promotion

Deutsche Bahn

The challenge: The overrarching goal of Deutsche Bahn AG is to increase the number of passengers from 148 million in 2018 to over 200 million passengers in 2030. With the “Agenda for a better railway system”, Deutsche Bahn has developed a 5-point plan that promotes punctuality, investment, comfort, a wider range of offers and climate protection. Against the background of this image campaign and in order to improve customer loyalty, Deutsche Bahn carries out recurring campaigns that represent it as a friendly transport company.

The solution: In order to enhance the image of Deutsche Bahn in general and, in particular, to lay emphasis on proximity to the customer, selected and specially-trained teams of promoters are deployed for direct customer communication on the trains and at railway stations. As part of various promotional campaigns, the trained staff proactively distribute informative flyers and special-offer giveaways. In this way, Deutsche Bahn AG continuously enriches its service with a positive external image that signals friendliness, attentiveness and customer proximity.

Key data

  • Customer: Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Projects: Regular personnel promotion for Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Trading houses: Trains and railway stations
  • Country: Germany
  • Time period: since 2019


  • Provision of selected personnel
  • Recruitment and training of promoters
  • Logistics of advertising material and work clothing/equipment
  • Coordination of operations and quality control of personnel
  • Final presentation with the help of documentation using myMissions and myImages


  • Strengthening the image of Deutsche Bahn AG in terms of service
  • Attention to Deutsche Bahn offers
  • Understandable feedback through precise campaign monitoring

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