Case Study

Specialist consulting


The challenge: Garmin, the company for mobile navigation systems in the automotive sector, was faced with the specific challenge of strengthening its position compared to the competition. The aim was to consolidate the brand and significantly increase sales figures.

The solution: One core component of the solution for Garmin was nationwide sales promotion and the professional sale of Garmin navigation devices including accessories in various sales channels.

“The commitment as well as the professional and transparent implementation of sales support measures at POS and at exhibitions convinced us, and ultimately led to us working with PRofiFLITZER. The quality and care of the PRofiFLITZER specialist and exhibition personnel is unique. PRofiFLITZER take care of the personnel. This means that the staff are highly motivated and staff turnover is low. For us, this means always having a reliable partner who supports and represents us at a professional level.” – Ms. Doris Nohl, Garmin Deutschland GmbH

Key data

  • Customer: Garmin Deutschland GmbH
  • Projects: Sales promotion, merchandising, training
  • Trading houses: MediaMarkt, Saturn, Expert, Karstadt, METRO
  • Country: Germany
  • Time period: 2008–2016


  • Provision of specialist advisors and promotional and exhibition personnel
  • Effective training measures on site, by telephone or via myClassroom with a focus on product and sales training
  • Efficient organisation of operations – involved point of sale in the retail sector as well as regional (Expert, EP etc.) and international (e.g. IFA, Car&Sound) specialist and in-house exhibitions
  • Employment of online tools such as mySales pro and myMissions for additional, transparent sales analysis as well as up-to-date data on the development of operations in the various markets


  • Significant increase in sales
  • Optimisation of consulting intensity at POS
  • Increase in satisfaction among customers and employees
  • Support of marketing and sales planning using report information

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