Case Study

Brand Promotion

Märkisches Landbrot

The challenge: Märkisches Landbrot stands for, “high-quality and delicious Demeter bread“. In order to deepen customer loyalty and expand their customer base, the Neukölln traditional bakery, with its philosophy of quality combined with environmental protection and social responsibility, employs a staff-based communication concept in Alnatura and Bio Company branches.

The solution: Since 2020, the campaign has been implemented throughout Germany. In addition to promotion and sales, tasting of the different types of bread from the Märkisches Landbrot range will be implemented. The fully trained staff strengthens the Märkisches Landbrot brand with Demeter quality, and can communicate the topic of ecological production with biodynamic raw materials as the cornerstone of human health and well-being on a broad scale. Customers of organic supermarkets are able to test the quality in store, thus strengthening the Märkisches Landbrot brand in the long term in food retail trade and effectively increasing bread sales. 

Key data

  • Customer: Märkisches Landbrot GmbH
  • Projects: Sales promotion and tasting
  • Retail company: Bio Company, Alnatura
  • Country: Germany
  • Time period: since 2020


  • Responsibility of operational and personnel planning
  • One-to-one training for tasters on Märkisches Landbrot premises
  • Monitoring of qualitative implementation with myImages
  • Market and location analysis with mySurvey Analyzer
  • Interim and final presentations of the results


  • Significant increase in product sales for the Märkisches Landbrot and Demeter brands
  • Positioning and consolidation of the traditional Berlin bakery with its quality philosophy
  • Positive perception of the Märkisches Landbrot and Demeter brands

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