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Case Study

Specialist advice

KRUPS fully-automatic coffee machines

The challenge : Groupe SEB, the French manufacturer of small electrical and household appliances, was looking for a solution for the targeted promotion of its KRUPS fully-automatic coffee machines. The emphasis of planned measures was on presenting the appliances with the new “Quattro Force” technology as part of various tasting campaigns. The aim of the campaign was to promote sales of the focus products and to increase brand presence nationwide at point of sale.

The solution: Since 2016, we have provided Groupe SEB with a competent and reliable team of specialist advisors throughout Germany in order to advise consumers on focus products and to carry out tasting campaigns at POS. On the one hand, the basis for this includes extensive product and sales training for brand ambassadors and the regular exchange of knowledge on products and sales experiences within the framework of telephone and web-based round tables. In addition, further measures ensure optimal campaign planning, implementation and follow-up.

Key data

  • Customer: Groupe SEB Deutschland GmbH
  • Projects: Sales Promotion with fully-automatic coffee machine tasting campaign
  • Trading houses: MediaMarkt, Saturn
  • Country: Germany
  • Time Period: since 2016


  • Project coordination includes coordinating markets and sales force
  • Operational planning and task review
  • Control and evaluation of performance using myMissions and mySurvey Analyzer
  • Regular drafting of management reports
  • Training of brand ambassadors via video tutorials on myClassroom


  • Significant increase in sales of “Quattro Force” -based fully-automatic coffee machines during the promotional period
  • Increase of KRUPS brand presence at point of sale
  • Raising of the awareness of consumers to the quality and convenience of making coffee with “Quattro Force” appliances.
  • Greater customer loyalty and higher sales by supporting the sales force

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