Case Study

Mobile Sales Promotion


The challenge: For the qualitative management of its monthly project volume,  Sky Deutschland  required a sales partner which would reliably meet the high requirements for personnel and IT infrastructure. The main challenge for the premium TV provider was to generate new customer subscriptions by actively reaching out to potential new customers in food retail and at events.

The solution: In addition to the qualitative processing of the overall project, Sky received holistic solutions for booking suitable locations and overall logistics of mobile counters as well as all the related, necessary advertising materials. 


Key data

  • Customer: Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Projects: Mobile sales promotion
  • Trading houses: Kaufland, real, various events
  • Country: Germany
  • Time period: 2014–2016


  • Comprehensive analysis of the potential of the markets, applicant auditions, online and on-site training, planning, management and control of operations by the project team
  • Daily quality control with mySurvey Analyzer and myImages


  • Development and expansion of a new distribution channel in the food retail sector
  • Early fulfilment of the quarterly and annual targets through new subscriptions during the promotional period
  • Cost reduction in travel expenses and market rents
  • Significant increase in satisfaction among retail partners

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