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The challenge: Parrot, the French manufacturer of remote-controlled drones, was looking for a reliable solution to promote its high-tech products. The main objective of the measure was to establish Parrot products in Galeria Kaufhof stores and to effectively support sales through sales promotion. In addition, Parrot intended to increase brand awareness by demonstrating its products to the public on site.

Solution: As part of the promotion, several sales promoters were provided to Parrot for implementation. A central element of the promotion consisted of direct demonstrations of the products in the departments at the point of use. In addition to teaching sales content, this also required extensive training on the technical aspects of the products to ensure professional handling of the drones by the promoters. In addition to ensuring all communications with the markets and providing technical support to the promoters in operating the demonstration equipment, other additional tasks were undertaken for Parrot.

Key figures

  • Customer: Parrot Germany GmbH
  • Projects: Sales promotion for remote controlled drones
  • Department stores: Galeria Kaufhof
  • Country: Germany
  • Period: Q4 2016


  • Scheduling and task control as well as checking the availability of goods
  • Performance measurement with myMissions and mySurvey Analyzer
  • Regular preparation of management reports
  • Provision of technical equipment (tablets) for controlling the demonstration devices


  • Significant increase in sales of focus products in the markets during the promotion period
  • Increase brand awareness among consumers
  • Positioning drones as high-tech products
  • Establishment of Parrot products in the stores
  • Presentation of new products

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