Case Study



The challenge: Mattel, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of toys, planned to optimise its retail spaces in selected stores nationwide. The aim was to completely convert the layout to the new range using conversion measures according to specific specifications.

The solution: To implement layout changes, Mattel set up professional and experienced merchandising teams and implemented all of its measures according to concrete decoration plans. Within this framework, Mattel took over the entire planning and scheduling of tours, as well as the complete responsibility for its management and monitoring. In addition to many training measures for merchants, additional quality enhancement was implemented to ensure the success of the measures, as well as their efficient implementation.


Key data

  • Customer: Mattel GmbH
  • Projects: Merchandising for toys
  • Trading houses: real, SPIELE MAX
  • Country: Germany
  • Time period: since 2016


  • Performance of quality controls based on before-and-after photographs with myImages
  • Continuous coordination with sales force, branches and merchandising teams
  • Collection of surveys and visitor confirmation with mySurveyAnalyzer
  • Regular drafting of management reports


  • Nationwide standardisation of areas in branches
  • Consistent implementation of Mattel layout specifications
  • Visual upgrading of toy areas
  • Higher visibility of focus products for consumers
  • Increase in satisfaction among retail partners

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