Case Study

Brand Promotion and Tasting


The challenge: The Emmi brand stands for ”The best of Swiss milk“. Switzerland’s largest dairy processing company uses a personnel-based communication concept in the retail and event sectors to promote and enhance sales of its main products in the cold drinks, yoghurt and cheeses sectors.

The solution:  Since 2017, the campaign has been implemented throughout Germany and across channels. In addition to the promotion and sale of Emmi products such as Caffè Latte or Onken yoghurt as part of the REWE Family Days, the focus shall be on the tasting of Emmi KALTBACH cheeses in food retail outlets. With the tasting of cheeses such as Le Gruyère and Der Scharfe Maxx by trained operational personnel, the KALTBACH brand becomes sustainably strengthened in the food retail sector and sales of the cheeses are effectively increased. Further measures ensure the provision of qualified personnel as well as efficient operations management for the nationwide campaign.

Key data

  • Customer: Emmi Deutschland GmbH 

  • Projects: Promotion of cold drinks, yoghurt and KALTBACH cheese
  • Trading companies: REWE, EDEKA & E-Center, Marktkauf
  • Country: Germany
  • Time period: since 2017


  • Responsibility for personnel and deployment planning including the dispatch of material
  • Monitoring of qualitative implementation with myImages
  • Regular implementation of myClassroom online training measures
  • Market and location analysis with mySurvey Analyzer


  • Positioning of Caffè Latte, Onken and KALTBACH brands in food retailing and other channels
  • Significant increase in sales of main products in the cold drinks, yoghurt and cheeses sectors
  • Positive perception of the Emmi brand among consumers

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