The retail industry is dead! Long live retail! – in order to understand how we, as your partner for all questions related to retail, see the future of the physical store, instead of painting vexing doomsday scenarios, we would like to provide you with some very promising experiences and visionary outlooks for the point of sale. The bogeyman of online retail is still going around for sure, but we possess all the means and even have advancing digitisation on our side. In order to offer the customer the best possible purchasing experience, it is sufficient to visit shops with an open heart and mind and discover their potential. Better than any time spent surfing the infinite reaches of the internet.
Brands, we have a problem!

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Excursion – The customer’s rocky road

Let us first consider the customer, who, in addition to their daily challenges between work and household work, hardly finds time to relax in peace, to do sports or to meditate. A customer who gobbles down their ready meal during the lunch break or perhaps waits until the evening to order a takeaway. This customer, an average big city dweller, wants to either satisfy their needs as quickly and as easily as possible or just take it easy. In both cases, the consumer good is, in principle, the same. Now the customer has the opportunity, from the office chair or the sofa, to order all the necessary things online, go after work or on Saturdays to the nearest shopping centre, or to go to the food market. If they opt for the latter, the customer’s expectations in the here and now consist primarily of 3 components:


  1. The consumer goods are available and they can take them away immediately.
  2. The goods are clearly visible with all information on price and quantity and are in perfect condition.
  3. In the event of indecision in store, they receive first-class advice.

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Making the customer king

The points mentioned above are actually part of basic service. After all, time is money and as part of this concept, the customer naturally wants to get something out of showing their willingness to visit the store. Especially when quality is measured by service, the customer must become king again. When the streets of Berlin and Munich lose their right-hand lanes to the countless delivery services that transport entire facilities and filled refrigerators into the sacred halls of privacy, then the red carpet must be rolled out to the customer in physical stores. They must come to a temple, a glorious place where the true treasures are those which they can take away with them. A place where no questions remain unanswered, new scents and exotic goods are waiting to be discovered.

My Space – creative presentation of the retail space

At this point, people probably finally suspect what this recap of the average, everyday life of every person in the western world amounts to. It means responsibility, no more, no less. The responsibility to provide the customer with an attractive offer and the best possible service. And now comes the burning question of course: Do you, as a brand, really want to leave this responsibility to the respective store? Do you want to trust that everything will run smoothly? Or do you keep the responsibility in your hands? Do you prefer to develop, in the form of a shop-in-shop model, your own store design, your own visual merchandising? Your own little oasis in the midst of a dry desert of offers. Where the parched customer thirsts for a bit of inspiration and a bit of information?

Storytelling and Experience

It has been proven that the physical store is still the main port of call in retail. Even when it looks like electrical goods are increasingly being ordered online. In short, of course it’s not too late and retail trade can come up with visuals, 3D-touch technology and numerous incentives in terms of the overall experience, be it through professional sales advice, testing and hands-on activities. We, as your partner and professional at point of sale, have the experience and boundless ideas for your perfect market presence. We are happy to take responsibility for your space, your blooming oasis, which is no longer just a mirage, but a very real place for your product, your service and your brand.

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